Computer Services for Business & Home Office

For small or home-based businesses, Phoenix Help Desk provides complete computer setup and support services. If you don't need a full-time IT person in house, we're on call to solve any technical issue quickly and affordably.

Computer downtime means lost money. Call Phoenix Help Desk to solve computer virus problems and help you deal with system failures. We're also experts at data recovery so we can get you back up and running in no time.

If you need to set up or expand your existing business network, we're here to help. We'll add extra capacity to your network, set up any network peripherals, printers, point-of-sale or backup systems. We'll also set up secure wireless for you or your clients.

Is your corporate IT department temporarily bogged down? Is the department's backlog affecting your productivity? Let Phoenix Help Desk assist your in-house techs with short or long-term IT department support.

If you're recycling old equipment, be aware of what you're giving away. Computer hard drives contain proprietary information and lots of personal data. Phoenix Help Desk can securely wipe those old drives and make any data unrecoverable.

Media Services for Business

If entertainment systems are part of your retail location, food and beverage establishment or office environment, Phoenix Help Desk can help you design a custom system or solve any problems with your existing one.

Do you need video of your office, interviews with key people or just want to add video to your website? Phoenix Help Desk can help you plan, shoot and edit quality video suitable for DVD distribution or Internet viewing.

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