Digital Television and Home Theater

You've got that new widescreen digital TV home and out of the box. Congratulations! Then, slowly, you realize that TV has changed over the past few years. There are a lot of strange connections in the back and odd looking wires. You'll see terms like composite video, component video, HDMI...what does it all mean? And why are there six remote controls now? You're not using it to its full potential by just plugging the cable TV cable into the back of it. Let Phoenix Help Desk help you set it up!

- We'll assist you with proper wall mounting or stands
- We'll make sure you're getting the highest quality picture possible
- We'll help you with proper color settings to make the picture less vivid and more natural
- We'll correct common aspect ratio setup problems that lead to "stretchy-vision" or "squishy-vision"
- We'll help you set up and understand video inputs, routing and universal remotes

You don't need cable or satellite to enjoy High-Definition TV. Local broadcasters deliver full HDTV and multiple programming options over the air free of charge...all you need is an antenna. Or, if you have an older analog set that no longer receives over-the-air broadcasts, we can help you select a low-cost digital converter to make it work again.

Cable and satellite providers offer more programming and options, but without the proper connections to your TV, you're not getting the best picture you can. Contact us to make your TV work like it should.

Digital Surround Sound Systems

Did you know that most High-Definition program providers, including over-the-air broadcasters, provide 6 channel digital surround sound? Did you also know that the vast majority of television viewers, many with surround sound systems in their homes, aren't listening to their TV in true surround? Digital audio systems for the home are notoriously difficult to set up properly. With our background in professional audio systems, Phoenix Help Desk can show you how TV is supposed to sound.

We're well versed in stereo, Dolby Pro Logic, AC3, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS, Surround EX and all the others, as well as the specific wiring and decoding requirements. We'll make sense of it for you.

- We'll make sure your audio wiring is correct and properly decoded
- We'll make sure speakers are placed properly, mounted securely and audio is properly balanced
- We'll make sure your audio system is configured for your speaker setup and downmixes as it should
- We'll make sure audio delay is set properly to make sure sound and picture are in sync
- We'll set up subwoofers to reproduce only the audio that they should

If you're watching TV and voices are coming from behind you or are all around you, you're not crazy. You just need to have a closer look at how your sound system is set up, and we're happy to assist you.

DVR, DVD, Blu-Ray and Video Gaming Systems

If you need help installing a new Blu-Ray player, DVR, gaming system or just about anything else that connects to your home theater or audio system, Phoenix Help Desk is here to help. Or, if you're getting bad sound, bad picture or no picture and sound at all we're the ones to call. We've already read the manuals for you, so setup or troubleshooting is fast and easy.

- We'll make sure your system is correctly configured to accept the best possible picture and sound
- We'll walk you through procedures to easily switch between devices
- We'll make sure your devices are online and properly connected to your home network
- We'll assist you with integrating computers and personal media players into your home theater

Entertainment Systems for Business

Phoenix Help Desk is also there to assist business owners with entertainment and media systems. If you're looking to put a television in the lobby or need assistance with the wall of televisions at your bar or restaurant, we can help.

- We can design, install and set up custom retail audio & video systems that fit your specific needs
- We can help upgrade existing wiring infrastructure so HDTVs show High-Definition content
- We can integrate public address and paging capabilities into your media system
- We can help you produce custom content for playback over your audio & video system

Contact us today for service on your existing media system, or let us come to you to inspect your space, make recommendations, determine your need and generate a quote for a new system.