Computer & Network Services for the Home

If you've just purchased a new computer, Phoenix Help Desk is ready to configure it, get it on your network, set up your peripherals, remove all of the clutter and unnecessary software and move data from your old computer to your new one.

If you're having trouble with your computer, we'll troubleshoot the problems and help you decide if repair is the best option. We also provide data recovery services to help you retreive data from crashed or damaged systems.

We'll help you scan for and detect viruses and spyware on your computer, and we'll remove any malicious software we find. We'll also make sure you have an up-to-date virus protection package installed, often at no additional cost to you.

We'll help you set up wired and wireless networks in your home, and we'll make sure all of your computers and media devices function properly on the network. We'll also check to make sure your wireless network is using the most secure encryption available.

We can speed up your computer with a complete, multi-step tune-up process that removes unneeded files, background processes and malware. We also perform a complete disk check, software update and we check your hardware for any malfunction.

Media & Home Entertainment Services

If you've purchased a new TV we can help you install it and set it up so you're enjoying the best possible digital picture. We'll make sure your home media devices are correctly connected and we can help you avoid common digital television setup problems.

We'll also set up your surround sound system to make sure you're enjoying the home theater experience in the best way possible. We make sure you're using the right connections, correct decoding and we make sure your speaker levels are balanced.

We also provide analog to digital transfer services to help you convert old audio and video tapes to audio CDs, mp3 files, DVD, Blu-Ray, QuickTime or Windows Media. We can digitally enhance audio recordings and add titles and graphics to video for you.

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