Keeping your Computer Working Reliably

Computers slow down, stop responding, bludgeon you with pop-up windows or suddenly power themselves off for a number of reasons. We've all seen stories about viruses and spyware infections in the news, and viruses are a common computer problem (especially for users of Microsoft Windows products). However, they're not the only thing that can make a computer stop working properly.

- As mentioned above, malware infections can be just an annoyance or they may cause damage
- Too many processes or programs running at the same time can slow performance
- A hard drive nearing capacity, or even 75% full, can cause computers to slow or even freeze
- Your computer may see an immediate and dramatic speed increase with a memory upgrade
- Blocked vents or fans that aren't functioning will cause slowdowns or unexpected shutdowns

We've seen people get so annoyed with poorly performing computers that they've just put them into a corner and purchased a new one. To us, that seems like a waste. For a fraction of the cost of a new computer, we can breathe new life into your existing one. Contact us to learn more.

What is a System Tune-up?

Phoenix Help Desk's tune-up procedures are comprehensive and complete. We don't skip steps to save time because we want your computer to work like it was meant to.

- We make sure key system software components are up to date and working well
- We make sure virus protection is up to date and operating properly
- We clean up unnecessary and temporary files that fill hard drives and affect performance
- We stop unwanted software and processes from running silently in the background
- We scan hard drives for errors and make sure they're free of file fragments
- We clean your computer's case and make sure it's well ventilated

We can also free up large amounts of disk space by backing up personal data like photos and video onto removable media for safe storage. Contact us today to get your system running up to speed.

Consider a Fresh Start

Over time, as software is added and removed, files and data are left behind. Systems infected with multiple viruses may not be completely repairable. You may even be filling your drive with multiple copies of the same piece of software.

In some situations, it may be best to wipe that computer clean and restore it to its original condition. But be careful...this procedure will generally wipe away all of your personal data and files as well.

If you need help, just contact us. We'll take care to back up your important data, we'll assist you with system re-installation, and we'll restore your important files after we're done.