Analog to Digital Tape Transfers and Conversions

Do you have a collection of videotapes full of family memories? Most people do, but they're of little use to you if you no longer have a VCR to play them on. Analog tapes also degrade over time, and if you don't protect them they can be lost forever.

Phoenix Help Desk can convert those videos or audio tapes for you into high-quality digital formats that can easily be copied with your home computer, played on DVD or Blu-Ray players, or posted online and shared with friends and relatives.

We won't just dump your tapes onto a DVD or CD to save time. We take a number of additional steps to make sure you're getting the highest quality transfers possible.

- We use a high quality analog to digital conversion process and apply color correction when necessary
- We quality check every tape we digitize and repeat the process if necessary
- For video transfers, we can add titles, "bugs" and other graphic elements of your choosing
- We can seamlessly edit tapes to produce DVDs or video files with only the content you want
- We apply audio enhancement, volume and noise reduction tools to improve sound quality

Once we're gotten your analog tapes digitized into our computers, we can provide you with DVDs, Blu-Ray discs or audio CDs. We can even provide you with mp3 files, Windows Media files or QuickTime movies for playback right on your computer or personal media devices.

Please note that we cannot digitize or copy commercial or copyrighted tapes without permission from the copyright holder.

Tape Transfers for Legal and Business

If you are a business or government entity that regularly uses analog recordings of interviews, depositions or testimony as part of your day to day operations, consider the value of making sure that important and irreplaceable recordings are properly converted to a digital format.

Duplication of analog materials is time consuming and each "generation" of analog tape copies introduces noise and degrades quality. Microcassettes, still in wide use, are prone to accidental erasure and are nearly impossible to reliably duplicate for transcription or distribution to other parties. Analog videotape duplication also adds audio artifacts, can introduce noise, and can make speech harder to understand or completely illegible. Tapes can also break or become damaged through regular playback.

Digital copies, however, are essentially "clones" of the original and suffer no degradation in quality. They can be easily duplicated or distributed to third parties right from your computer.

- Our digital conversion process retains as much of the quality of the original as possible
- Noise reduction and audio clarity tools can be applied to increase quality
- Sensitive materials are always handled with complete confidentiality
- We can do the work in your office if you have concerns about security or chain of evidence

We encourage you to have us digitize ORIGINAL recordings rather than copies, as this will maximize the quality and legibility of the final product. Contact us for more information.

If you have an important interview, deposition or other recorded meeting scheduled for a future date and can't afford mistakes, equipment malfunctions or poor quality, consider having us record it for you.

Tape Transfers for Artists and Musicians

Do you have a legacy recording of your musical or spoken word performance? Let us digitize it for you, treat it with our suite of audio enhancement tools, and offer you a quality CD master of your restored recording for posterity or duplication.

Visit our CD Mastering page or contact us for more information.