Professional Audio CD Mastering

If you record and mix your own music or spoken word performances, Phoenix Help Desk can help you prepare your recordings for duplication, distribution, and sale. It's important to make sure any CD is properly mastered to make sure the end result is as pleasing to the listener as possible, and we'll make sure that you don't overlook any of the details, large or small. You provide us with digital tracks or analog recordings and we'll provide you with a high quality CD-R ready for duplication.

- We'll apply noise reduction to remove any unwanted hiss, hum or noise
- We'll add air or boom with transparent and tasteful equalization
- We can enhance the stereo image of many recordings without causing phase cancellation
- We'll maximize audio levels, without clipping, to make your recordings as "loud" as you wish
- We can apply any amount of compression to make your CD play well in noisy environments

Then, after getting the audio to sound the way you want, we'll take care of the small details.

- We'll make your tracks continuous or insert 2 second gaps between tracks
- We'll make sure track inpoints and outpoints are properly trimmed
- We'll apply fades and make sure transitions are free of digital "pop" editing artifacts
- We'll make sure your CD is to FULL Red-Book specifications

And, finally, we'll correctly submit your disc, track, artist, composer and genre information to the Gracenote CD database so all of your disc's information automatically displays properly in computer digital media applications such as iTunes.

We'll also provide you with high-quality mp3 or mp4 files of your tracks for Internet distribution, each embedded with the correct metadata so computers and personal media devices correctly display song or track information. Contact us to learn more.

Services for Home and Personal Studios

Do you have a home studio or portable recording equipment? Phoenix Help Desk has 18 years of experience with studio equipment and engineering, and we can help you with any problems you have.

We're experts at tracking down and fixing the many "gremlins" that appear with professional and prosumer audio and video equipment, whether it's intermittent connections, signals that aren't in phase, malfunctioning equipment, or open grounds that lead to annoying hum, buzz and noise. We can also give you tips on how to better interconnect your equipment and chain devices for best results.

We're also experts with all makes of digital recording technology, and we can make digital and analog equipment work together to make the best and cleanest recordings possible, free of clipping, distortion, noise, or sampling errors. Call or e-mail us if we can be of any assistance.